Haywood County Commissioners Discuss Budget Woes

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Haywood County Commissioners met Monday night to discuss a number of issues, but focused heavily on the budget for the county jail. The county jail has blown through its budget for the entire year and Sheriff Bond is requesting $80,000 more to meet state standards. At the meeting, officials discussed trying to cut the budget of the already understaffed jail. Brownsville Police Chief and county commissioner Chris Lea said he would like to look at different contracts for health care providers for Haywood County inmates. Sheriff Bond says he‘s already severely understaffed and has cut everything within his power. “During the budget process, we have already eliminated two cuts already. There are certain standards by law that I‘m sworn to that I have to up hold and keep inmates in the Haywood County Facility, ” said Haywood County Sheriff Melvin Bond. “So basically, I can‘t see where I would be able to cut anymore, but, I‘m still assessing the whole situation. If there‘s a way, I promise you I‘ll do it.” Commissioners also discussed severe weather shelters for county elementary schools.

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