Landfill Zoning Fight Continues Amid Racism Claims

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What a difference a couple years make. Back in 2009, Commissioner Aaron Ellison made the motion to approve a landfill in West Madison County. With his recommendation the board voted to unanimously approve the landfill. Monday, he had a change of heart. “(I) don’t want to see the garbage. It’s demeaning to our community. It’s a health Hazard and it also decreases property value.” said Commissioner Aaron Ellison. Monday morning, Ellison told the board he would like to see the land re-zoned for agriculture or forestry. The board considered his motion but voted it down. “It’s in a black community, it’s in a total black community,” said Commissioner Luther Mercer. Mercer said he is frustrated with the way the white members on the board are voting. “They voting to keep it in a black community. You can move it somewhere else. Somewhere that has no opposition,” said Mercer. The state has backed up the denial of the permit. He has filed an appeal that will be heard March 8th in Nashville. “He won’t be able to put a landfill there, but it is zoned for an A-1 property, commercial zone. He can have a demolition area that’s bricks, houses things of that nature,” said Ellison. “The state said that they are not going to give the man a permit. So why would you not vote for it,?” said Mercer.

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