Palin Trial Travel Bill Near 30K

Court records show the government paid nearly $2,500 for Sarah Palin’s husband to tag along during the trial of a Tennessee college student who hacked into her email – even though Todd Palin never testified.

In all, records obtained by The Associated Press show the government paid more than $29,000 to fly members of the Palin family and other witnesses to Knoxville, send a prosecutor to Alaska for research and pay other witness travel expenses.

Air travel totaled about $18,600 and hotel bills amounted to nearly $3,300.

The spending helped prosecutors convict David Kernell in 2010. He finishes a 10-month sentence on Wednesday.

An attorney for the Palins, John Tiemessen of Fairbanks, Alaska, said in an email that Todd Palin was under subpoena and traveled prepared to testify.