Trenton Police To Get Tasers

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Trenton police will soon have another tool to work with that they said will keep them and everyone else a little safer. On Tuesday night, the Trenton city council approved the use of tasers in the city in a unanimous vote. Trenton will now become the second city in Gibson County to have officers armed with tasers. Officers said the tasers are all for safety. “Anytime that you can reduce a physical confrontation amongst the officers and other individuals, you’re better off,” Chief Will Sanders said. Chief Sanders said over the past few months, more of his officers than usual have been injured in physical confrontations. They believe tasers can reduce those injuries. According to Sanders, the tasers will record the date and time they are activated, and if they are misused, the officer will be terminated. City officials said the tasers will not cost taxpayers any money because they will be purchased using the department’s drug fund. “This is all money that has been received from the sale of seizures of vehicles, of individuals who have been charged with drug charges or driving on revoked licenses because of DUIs,” Sanders said. The residents 7 Eyewitness News spoke with believe the tasers are a good idea. “I can see the pros and cons to both sides of the situation. Instead of shooting someone and resulting in someone getting hurt, they could just be tased,” Kayla Shiflette said. “I run a business here in Trenton and I rely a lot on the police and their responding to our calls, so anything to make their job easier is good for me,” Sharon Gumiran said. Chief Sanders said they plan to purchase the tasers as early as Wednesday or next Monday. Officers will begin training with the tasers on December 6.

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