Two Stores Busted for Sale of Synthetic Marijuanna

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Authorities said two convenience stores in McNairy County were busted Tuesday for selling illegal drugs to customers. “We used uncover agents to go into several of our local convenience stores and attempted to buy the product,” said Sheriff Guy Buck of McNairy County. Sheriff Buck says a search warrant was served on the Flash Market Citgo gas station in Selmer. Moments later he said officers busted the BP gas station in Adamsville. He said the uncover agents bought paraphernalia which is used to smoke the substance. Sheriff Buck said the illegal drug is derived from the salvia plant and treated with chemicals. “The TBI issues a list of products that have been tested to include the chemicals that are illegal,” he adds. Sheriff Buck said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation provides a list of names commonly used to describe the drug. “The problem is the distributor changes the name as fast as the name gets on our list,” he adds. He said the stores also stocked bath salts which are commonly used for unintended purposes. Sheriff Buck said both stores stored the drugs under the counter. “It was kind of a wink and a nod. If you knew how to buy it you could buy it,” said Sheriff Buck. “When you buy a package that contains three grams of a powder for $30 you know you’re not pouring it in you bath,” he adds. “I went in and asked him to stop selling to three particular children,” said Sharyn Everitt, a Selmer resident. Sheriff Buck said his office was tipped off by a parent who said her juveniles had consumed the product. “There’s nothing to tell me that if they go to those lengths to hide the way they’re selling it they wouldn’t sell it to a juvenile,” he adds.

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