Black Friday Shopping Begins

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Black Friday is back, and once again, the determined shoppers stood in lines, camped outside stores, ran through the doors, and did what they could to get their hands on the best deals. Some stores raised the bar this year, opening up their doors hours, even a day, before usual on Black Friday. “Black Friday in my opinion is one of the best days of the year to get out after eating a lot of food and shop, shop, shop, said Marlon Jones, assistant manager at JC Penney in Jackson’s Old Hickory Mall. Through all the tiredness and craziness, Black Friday shoppers said it has been well worth the sacrifice to get these deals. The people behind the registers said this is the biggest shopping day of the year for them, and most items are at least 50-60% off the retail price. This year, many stores around Jackson decided to move their Black Friday early bird start to Thanksgiving night. Some starting as early as 8 or 9. Best Buy opened their doors at 12:00 A.M.; and some shoppers say they prefer it that way. “I think 12 o’clock makes it easier for the average person trying to get in and get out, so now we can go to more stores and get more shopping accomplished,” says Adrian Cartledge, a Black Friday shopper. No matter when Black Friday stores will open, devoted shoppers said they will be there.

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