Restaurants on Black Friday

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Black Friday is normally a busy day for restaurants, but it was different for at least one Jackson eatery. The Old Country Store in Jackson said business is usually bustling around breakfast time on Black Friday, but this year, customer count was down. Managers told 7 Eyewitness News they believe earlier shopping hours was impacting what is normally a busy time for them. “We had a line by 7’oclock last year and we stayed pretty busy all morning. This year with the openings being at 12 and earlier in the morning, we had a lot of people just not come in,” said Brooks Shaw, manager of the Old Country Store. “We had staff here ready to go. All the food was hot and ready and just didn’t have as much of a line as last year.” Shaw said he is hopeful the shift in shopping hours means a shift in eating hours and that evening traffic will pick up. The National Restaurant Association estimated close to 32 million Americans would eat at least one meal out on Black Friday, including seven our of every 10 Black Friday shoppers.

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