UT Offers Virtual Soybean Scouting

This video is no longer available.

Farmers and ag producers are going hi-tech in order to have better crops. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture has partnered with the United Soybean Board and the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board in creating a virtual soybean scout school. And the school is as easy as turning on your computer. Currently, there are four brief video presentations by UT extension specialists. “It’s not replacing the scout schools. it’s just an extra incentive, an extra convenience for farmers to be able to get online anytime and just to refresh to find some good information and to also submit questions to the UT crops news blog,” said Ginger Rowsey with the UT Institute of Agriculture. “Instead of having to drive to a scout school. this summer you can just turn on your computer and view these videos and get a lot of good information and refresh without having to actually come to a scout school.” Soybean growth and development, identifying and managing weeds, insect scouting and identifying and managing soybean diseases are the four subjects available online.

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