Fire Destroys Businesses in Downtown Adamsville

This video is no longer available.

Flames lit up the snowy night in Adamsville. Gone in a matter of moments was the soul of Adamsville, The Sawmeal Restaurant. Firefighter Jim Cromwell said, “By the time I got here to within 15 minutes the roof started caving in.” The Adamsville Fire Department was back at the scene late Tuesday morning. The fire that burned the Sawmeal down along with The Academy School of Dance refused to go quietly. “Not only does this effect us here in Adamsville, it effects the whole region. Lots of people come here to Sawmill to eat,” said Police Chief Bill McCall. The Sawmeal was the heart of downtown. A place where family and friends gathered to eat, talk and laugh. Brittany Qualls is a resident of Adamsville, “They support our football team, they support everything everybody does. They take time to help everybody.” “(It) brings in a lot of tourists. People come from everywhere all through the week and on the weekend other side of Jackson, you won’t believe how many people come and eat here and know about it,” said Garland Whitten a resident of Adamsville. There are 38 employees at The Sawmeal. No word yet whether the owners plan to rebuild.

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