Donation Made to American Cancer Society

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For a second night, Thursday, Grammy award winning artist Gary Morris took to the stage at The Ned in downtown Jackson, to not only help usher in the Christmas season, but to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. Just before Morris began his performance of “My Country, My Christmas,” officials with the American Cancer Society received a $20,000 donation from Jessica Young, who gave money in honor of her parents and grandmother. Organizers of the event said gifts such as this one go a long way in helping find a way to cure this dreaded disease. “I feel like it’s events like this that ultimately will make the difference that if just one person sees one extra birthday this next year, then tonight has been absolutely worth it,” said Jeff Arnett with Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Organizers said they are still calculating the numbers as to how much the concert raised for the American Cancer Society, but said it will be in the thousands of dollars.

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