Bethel Student Arrested In On-Campus Stabbing

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A Bethel University student has been arrested after police said he stabbed a classmate on campus at around 2:30, Monday morning. “It was really shocking, especially because McKenzie’s such a small town and you just don’t expect things like that to happen around here and it’s fairly alarming, kind’ve makes me a little scared,” student Sarriah Johnson said. A few hours later, McKenzie police arrested freshman Elliot Childers, 18, a football player, after having to search for him. “We do regret that this happened,” said Bethel spokeswoman Jennifer Glass. “This was an isolated incident and we just want our students and the parents of our students to know that this is still a safe campus.” According to the school’s head of security, Chief James Harris, they patrol the campus, 24/7 and are planning to hire two more officers. Harris said the school did not notify students about the stabbing because it was not a threat. Most of the students 7 Eyewitness News spoke with said they feel safe, but they do agree they would like better security. “I hope that we get more security around here or others things like cameras to help us and make us more safe,” Johnson said. “I think they should have intercoms and codes for stuff like this telling you to not come out of your room if they’re trying to find someone,” said student James Parks. “I think that would be beneficial to the school and its program.” Childers has been charged with aggravated assault, and is free on bond. His alleged victim is still hospitalized.

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