Bridge Damage In Henry County

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Henry County will now have to pay $60,000 to repair a road that washed away with heavy rainfall from the weekend and earlier this week. “This is about the third disasters we’ve had this year so we’re starting to run pretty tight,” said Henry County highway department supervisor Ray Norwood. Officials said Reynoldsburg Road is high traffic roadway in Henry County. The road collapsed over a creek on Monday evening. “When I got down there, I seen water had just washed out the whole east bound lane of the road,” said Henry County resident Charles Murphy. He stated he thought he heard a crash, which is common along the very dark and curvy road. Murphy said he heard a loud noise and rushed outside to see if anyone needed help. Instead, Murphy saw debris and pieces of the road floating down the creek. Norwood stated no one has been hurt, and they hope to install larger culverts to avoid incidents like this from happening again. The Henry County Highway Department will start construction later this week to try and patch the huge hole in the road. Officials state blocked culverts are to blame for the overflow of water that took chunks of the road with it. “Usually every winter the creek will flood if there is ever hard rain, but it’ll just flood on top of the roads and just travel across and back down on the other side, said Murphy.

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