City Council Votes Yes To Bonus

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Christmas came early for city employees. With a unanimous vote of 8-0 the City Council decided to give a $500 bonus. This year has been great. I wish we could give them more but we are giving them what we are able to,” said Councilman Scott Conger, The City will spend $469,000 on the salary supplements. Much of the money coming from sales tax. “This is money we could have used in different ways. It was unexpected money and I think the best use of it is to honor those city employees,” said Councilwoman Vicky Foote. Many cities across the country are unable to give salary supplements to workers. “Well Jackson is a unique place. We are the hub of West Tennessee,” said Jackson Mayro Jerry Gist. “People come in here and our population doubles almost every day and I think because of that our financial situation has kind of stabilized.” Employees at the Jackson Fire Department welcomed the news. “It was a great day for us. It’s not that often this day and time your employers are able to give you a bonus and at Christmas it is going to mean alot, ” said fireman Tony Murdaugh. Linda Riddle works at the Fire Station. “Well we are very appreciative of it. It shows that they value us as employees with the city and we value our jobs with the city.” Also with a unanimous vote of 8-0, the city council approved the disbursement of funds to all employees who are covered under the City of Jackson’s medical insurance plan. It will mean an additional $220 for individuals enrolled in the plan and $223 for those on the family plan.

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