Trenton Police Officers Train with Tasers

This video is no longer available.

Late last month, the Trenton City Council voted unanimously to approve the use of tasers by their police officers, and Tuesday they demonstrated just what they will be used to do. 17 officers, including Police Chief, Will Sanders, spent the day training how to use their tasers. According to Chief Sanders, over the past few months more of his officers than usual have been injured in physical confrontations, and he hopes the introduction of tasers can reduce those injuries. Tuesday’s demonstration helped the officers understand how a suspect will respond when tased. “When you are looking at deploying a taser on somebody you know what it is going to do to them,” said Lt. James Wilson of the Trenton Police Department. “You know what to expect that they my be disoriented afterwards and not to expect them to comply immediately. Leaders with the police department said the tasers should be place into service by the end of the week.

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