Mitchell’s Return to MCSD Set

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After being fired six years ago, former Madison County Assistant Chief Deputy Butch Mitchell, will be placed back on the sheriff’s department payroll. In a news release today, 7 Eyewitness News learned Mitchell is supposed to come back to work December 16. Sheriff David Woolfork said Mitchell will be the supervisor at the Madison County Jail, working an 11 P.M. until 7 A.M. shift. The former assistant chief deputy was accused of forging the signature of a female deputy to a postcard which suggested she and Madison County Sheriff Woolfork were romantically involved. That incident would lead to Mitchell’s termination in 2005. He would file retirement papers the next year after court rulings. “I feel like we as an organization need to get beyond that. Madison County Sheriff’s Office and I, and I’ve been here for 34 years. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is certainly much larger than Butch Mitchell or David Woolfork and we realize that,” said Sheriff Woolfork. Last month a judge ruled that Mitchell be reinstated, and that he should receive back-pay, and be placed back on payroll at the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. As for Mitchell’s new position and shift hours, Sheriff Woolfork is able to defend his decision in his placing. “No, we’re not children, so we’re beyond any punishment. Looking at our roster I felt that was the best place he fit, so no, we don’t reassign people as punishment, I think I’m much larger than that,” said Woolfork.

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