Food Poisoning Outbreak In Corinth

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Mississippi’s Department of Health has confirmed at least 29 reported cases of Salmonella, but that did and did not stop some visitors and residents from eating at their favorite restaurants. “I don’t think people should be scared per se, but should take some precautionary measures,” said customer Stephanie Griffin. Restaurants and fast food eateries like Ryan’s, Sonic and McDonald’s were filled with customers, Friday night. “The restaurants around here are typically very clean people are very well-mannered so it was a big shock,” said Stephanie Griffin. Some residents believe Don Julio restaurant may have been a source of the outbreak. One manager at Sweet Peppers Deli said she along with her staff are extremely careful since the cases surfaced. “The extra precaution we’ve been taking is making sure the produce and everything has been washed and right before we send it out to the dinning room,” said Sweet Peppers Deli manager Amy Hollon.

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