Dyer Community Reacts to Body Found

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The Dyer County community is filled with mixed emotions after a body was discovered just outside Dyersburg, Saturday.. “It’s just hard to go out and go to the stores without thinking about getting kidnapped,” said Dyersburg resident Jake Moore. Authorities said the body was discovered Saturday evening in a rural area. They said it was badly decomposed, but have not released whether it is a male or female. Investigators secured an area off Highway 78 near the intersection of Harness Road and Burnt Mill Road. Karen Swift, a mother of four, went missing on October 30. News of the dead body recovered has led to speculation in the community, residents wondering whether an identification will reveal the body to belong to Swift. Investigators have released very little details in connection with the case “I know the family and everybody wants closure,” said Bobby Glozier, neighbor to Swift. Glozier said a tornado five years ago left debris in an already wooded area. “There’s piles of stuff on our property we can’t even get to,” he said. Glozier said law enforcement and volunteers conducted a thorough search, but due to the debris Glozier feels the body could have easily been missed. Authorities said the body has been sent to Memphis for an autopsy which should be completed Monday.

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