Crider Reacts to Election Results

Chris Crider was back to work hours after receiving 51 percent of the vote in the run-off election. He is well aware that 49 percent of the voters wanted him out. His advice to the 1,023 people that voted against him. “Just hang with us, maybe we will get you next time.” 42 percent of the registered voters in Milan came out to vote. The Mayor said he was surprised the election was so close. He mentioned how popular his opponent is. “I would have to chalk it up to friendships and personalities and who goes to church with whom.” The mayor listened to the election results on a local radio station. There were four boxes with election votes. After the second box the mayor was trailing, however he rallied and the next two boxes were in his favor and kept him in office. “You know when I was first elected I made a decision that I am going to try to run this thing like a CEO, like a business and I think you are going to have close elections because you are not able to say yes to all.” The Mayor pointed out Milan’s balanced budget and low tax rate. He has big plans for 2012, a paving project and a downtown re-vitalization plan. He sees Milan growing and new jobs coming.

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