Educator of the Week – Pierce

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Beaver Elementary School Pre-K teacher Heather Pierce works with the youngest students in her school. “We teach a lot of character education,” said Pierce. “That helps them learn to get along with others, and want to learn.” It is something she has wanted to do since she was their age. “I wanted to teach Kindergarten at the time. I didn’t go to a Pre-K, they didn’t have it. But I did know I wanted to teach the young ones,” said Pierce. “I would go home and play with my little sister and be the teacher – and I see them doing the same thing.” While Pierce loves her young students, she also loves working with their parents. “They’re the number 1 teacher, of course, the parents are. So I love having them come in,” said Pierce. “They continue what I do in school – they continue and take that home with them to keep that same pace up with them at home.” This educator said setting that pace at a early age can create a solid foundation for the years to come. “We get the fun and excitement in them and it helps when they go into the Kindergarten and first grade – where maybe they’re having to do a lot more, but they still have that love for school,” said Pierce. While Friday may have been a “party day” in her classroom, Pierce says Pre-K is about so much more. “I’d invite anybody to come and see if they didn’t think we were doing anything but playing – just come see all that we learn in Pre-K!”

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