Secret Santas Strike in Jackson K-Mart

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Management at a local retailer said the ‘Secret Santas’ have hit West Tennessee, paying off lay-a-ways for deserving customers. “Approximately about 9 or 10 different couples or individuals have come in,” said John Asher, manager of the K-Mart on Old Hickory Boulevard in West Jackson. Asher said the individuals have made payments ranging from $150 to $1000. “I would love to be able to do that personally. I would love to have that amount of money … because I know that’s what I would do with that,” said Kevin Hopper, a customer. Asher said the response from lay-a-way customers has ranged from surprised to disbelief. “Very surprised and grateful,” he said. Asher said many of the ‘Secret Santas’ wanted the money paid on lay-a-ways of parents buying toys for their children. “We were able to go through the contracts and the lay-a-ways and get those who had toys in there and still had substantial amounts they had to pay off,” he said. Hopper said it is not the amount of the gift, rather the generous and giving spirit which is remarkable. “Over time we have lost some of the true meaning of Christmas and I think some people still have have that (generous spirit) in their heart and in their mind and they try to do things for people that really bring back home what we as a society should be like,” he said.

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