Man Wanted in Multiple Thefts

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Authorities said a theft ring which reached across two counties has three different law enforcement agencies looking for a suspect. The McNairy County Sheriff’s department recovered more than $15,000 worth of guns and gold. They said they now need the communities help in finding suspect, Terrance Carder. Officials said Carder broke into a McNairy County home through a window in the 700 block of Talley Road on December 6. They said Carder stole a gun safe which contained 25 weapons and gold. Sheriff Guy Buck of McNairy County said the suspect who happens to be a welder used a torch to remove the top of the safe. Authorities also said the home is in a remote location. The home’s location has authorities wondering why the suspect sought out the isolated area. “That is one of the things when we catch Mr. Carder, we’re going to figure out (is) how he knew what was at the house,” said Sheriff Buck. Officials have charged Carder with aggravated burglary. “He was a suspect in several thefts in our county,” said Sheriff Buck. Officials said McNairy County is not the only county where Carder is wanted. Sheriff Buck said Carder is also wanted for theft in Savannah and Hardin County. They said he has been charged with meth-related offenses in Hardin County. “We need help trying to find him. He is aware that we want him. He’s aware that Hardin County Sheriff’s office is also looking for him and he’s also aware that Savannah Police Department is looking for him,” said Sheriff Buck. The McNairy County Sheriff’s Department said if you have any information regarding Carder’s whereabouts to contact the nearest law enforcement agency.

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