Police Seek Identity of Woman Who Picked up Cash

This video is no longer available.

Jackson authorities said they are looking for a woman who picked up around $900 off of a gas station parking lot. “Nowadays you’re on surveillance at so many places. Convenience stores, gas stations, nearly every place you go, so when somebody looses something it’s easily verified. It’s also verified as to who picks it up, and once you pick it up and it’s not your property and the person has reported it stolen, then it’s actually a crime if you don’t turn it in,” said Lieutenant Randy Hampton of the Jackson Police Department’s Property Crime Unit. Authorities said after the man left the store, an unidentified woman picked up what they believe to be the missing cash. Police said after retrieving the money the suspect finished her shopping and left the store. Authorities said, as in this case, to pick up another person’s cash can be illegal.

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