Last Minute Shopping Rush Begins

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Christmas is only two days away, and the shopping rush is obvious all across Jackson. Store employees said they are seeing more last minute shoppers than last year. “If you don’t want to fight the rush, don’t do it,” customer Maria Overstreet said. Dozens of last minute shoppers are hitting the stores Friday and will do so through the night. “Everything that has to do with men’s gifts, even our jewelry is selling like crazy,” said JCPenney Manager Kenneth Onuoha. “People are getting that last minute gift for stocking stuffers.” Onuoha blames the economy for the late rush. “Everybody’s watching their pocket now, and they want to get great value for their money,” he said. And when it is this close to Christmas, that is when consumers can get the best deals. “During Christmas, I would believe we have more push to get as many customers in. It’s retail. We have a lot of competition,” Onuoha said. Onuoha said most of his late customers already have most of their shopping done, but they are coming in to get some of the cheaper, small items like stocking stuffers. “The ornaments are like 60 percent off today so it came out for my good,” Overstreet said. Others had no choice but to shop at the last minute because of their schedules. “I’ve really just been busy and I’m here this year. Last year I was out of town working and this year I’m home, so it’s just exciting to be home working.” customer Anthony Cole said. Retailers said they are going to be open extra hours Friday through Christmas Eve to accomodate these customers. JCPenney will be open until midnight, Best Buy until 11 p.m., and Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us will be open 24 hours.

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