Trash Can Be A Sign To Thieves

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It’s that time of year where break-ins and robberies are at an all time high, and it is for that reason that law enforcement wants you to be even more careful when out shopping, and even at home. Now that many people have opened their Christmas presents, police said some of them will make the mistake of leaving the boxes for those expensive items with the rest of the trash in front of their homes, allowing burglars to know what is inside, without even breaking in. They are asking residents to instead throw those boxes away in another place. Residents 7 Eyewitness News spoke with seem to be taking law enforcement’s advice. “The boxes I have outside are nothing expensive. All the good stuff is still back there in the storage room,” said Jackson resident Jessica Gooch. Authorities said It should be common sense, but police still want you to keep the boxes for those expensive presents out of sight. “But some people may forget, thinking they’re in a safe neighborhood, and no one will break in,” Gooch said. But Jackson resident Jeffrey Wardlow is not taking any chances. He got a flat screen TV for Christmas. 7 Eyewitness News met him as he was on his way to the dump to drop off his box. “Anything can happen,” Wardlow said. “Anybody can get an idea of a new item that was purchased that can be inside the home.” Residents believe the state of the economy could be another reason why your home could be a target for burglars. “This time of season it’s hard times right now, the economy’s messed up and it’s hard for everybody,” said Jackson resident Tony McDonald. Some towns, like Union City, provide containers for residents to drop off those Christmas boxes, so they do not have to leave them in front of their houses.

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