New Additions to Green Frog Village

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The latest addition to Green Frog Village is a prison transporter that was used by the Madison County Sheriff back in 1900. The jail on wheels was used to transport prisoners to work sites. John Freeman is the owner of Green Frog. “I’ve never seen one, I’ve had people look it up on the internet and they can’t find it on the internet and some people say they have seen it on a western.” Soon The Crockett County High School Industrial Arts Department will restore this prison transporter. Another recent addition to Green Frog is a moonshine still. “If we got it together it would work. The law people don’t look kindly on a working still these days but so far we have been able to stay out of the grips of the law here with projects,” said Freeman. One of the newest additions to Green Frog is the Bed and Breakfast Log Cabin. The logs date back 150 years. They come from Middle Tennessee. “We do have a lot of history and probably more history than anywhere else in West Tennessee,” Freeman said. Also new to Green Fog is a 150-year-old log mule barn that came courtesy of mother nature. “In the spring of this year some wind storms came by. One blew the roof off of a log barn about seven miles from here. The farmer didn’t want the barn without the roof,” said Freeman. This year visitors from Australia, France and Canada have all come to visit Green Frog.

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