Champagne Sales Are Up

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New Year’s Eve is Saturday night, and people around Jackson are heading to their favorite package store preparing to ring 2012. According to the Washington, DC-based Champagne Bureau, Champagne sales shot up nearly 22 percent. Bob Lindsay , owner of Lynnwood Wine and Spirits, said he believes the increase in sales in his store could be a sign of a turnaround in the economy. “We start our champagne prices at $3.99 per bottle. Last year that was tremendous seller. This year we’re seeing more of the 10, 12, $15 range,” said Lindsey. Lindsey has owned the package store in north Jackson for 12 years, and states this is the busiest time of the year. “My store, we’ve seen probably an 18 to 20 percent increase just since Thanksgiving over the last year,” said Lindsey. The increase is nationwide. Lindsey believes the up-tick in sales is in part due to a stronger economy. He stated people may have more money this year to splurge on more expensive alcoholic beverages.

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