Experts Give Tips on Keeping 2012 Resolutions

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If you made a new years resolution to get healthier, you are not alone. According to 2012, losing weight and working out are in the top three for best resolutions this year. Local gyms say more members always join in January than any other month. However, keeping up new fitness habits is often a struggle. Experts say if you want to stay committed throughout the year, try setting simple short term goal, and be realistic about what you are capable of. You should also mix up your work out routine so you do not become bored. “Find a partner. Get somebody else to work out with. That seems to increase the frequency of a person coming in. If you have a partner, you hold yourself accountable because you think, well he or she’s gonna be here, so I need to be here also,” said local gym owner Matt Hoover. Other top resolutions this year are to stay happy, plan things out better, and to find love.

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