Citizens Encouraged to Record Serial Numbers

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If a big screen TV, new iPhone or a Kindle Fire was under your Christmas tree, Jackson Police said now is the time to write down the serial numbers on all of your electronics. Serial numbers, along with the brand and a model of each electronic, could help police in a big way if they are stolen of lost. Investigators said your records should be kept in a safe place, along with digital photographs of the items, if possible. “Say if you are the victim of a crime or your house burned, you’re going to need to report that information to your insurance company and if you have photos of the items, along with the make, model and serial number of and value, it just expedites the whole process,” said Lt. Randy Hampton of the Jackson Police Department. The Jackson Police Department said it recovers property every year, but often they cannot return it to the rightful owners because they can not prove it is theirs.

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