Law Enforcement Says New DUI Law Helpful

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2012 brings in stricter DUI laws for Tennessee, and it is helping law enforcement carry out their jobs. Before this year, if a driver is suspected of driving under the influence, they had the right to decline a breath or blood alcohol test. But effective January 1, if a person has a DUI conviction, a vehicular homicide conviction due to a DUI, or has a child under the age of 16 in their car; they have no choice but to take the test. Local law enforcement officials blood alcohol or breathalizer tests can be their hardest evidence in court. “That works in law enforcement favors, in the prosecuting favor, in terms of evidence and having that evidence to represent in court,” said Henderson County Sheriff Brian Duke. If you do not fall under the criteria, you still can refuse a blood or breath test. However, declining the test means you can be charged with a violation of the Tennessee implied consent law and could lose your driver’s license for one year.

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