Crockett Co. Seeks Community Help Solving Burglaries

There is a help wanted sign up at the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department..They are not hiring. They are looking for help in solving some of the 23 burglaries since October. “We are just a few people in the department and we are trying to man the whole county and it’s hard for us to be everywhere all the time. The community is what is going to make the difference,” said Detective Allan Gilliland of the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department. A home in Frog Jump was hit Tuesday. Electronics and firearms were taken. The thieves are striking in the daytime. “We are reaching out to the public the public eyes are what we are needing,” said Captain Eric Uselton of the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department. “A thief don’t have no boundaries. If they want it they are gonna get it,” said Detective Gilliland. Detectives say they feel like they are chasing ghosts but these ghosts will be captured. “They will slip up and we will get them. They will make mistakes no-one is perfect,” Captain Uselton said. The message, keep an eye on your neighborhood and call the Sheriff’s Department if you see anything unusual. “We are trying hard. We are working alot of hours trying to get these people into custody,” Detective Gilliland said.

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