Educator of the Week – Howell

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Martin Primary School first grade teacher Joan Howell said she and her students have their work cut out for them. “They are introduced to, oh so many objectives that they have to meet this year in order to prepare them for the next,” said Howell. “It is one of the most difficult grades as far as I’m concerned. But I love it.” Part of that preparation includes developing academic and social skills. “Academically, reading is so, so, so important in first grade,” said Howell. “But, socially also, in order to be able to interact with each other and work together with other children. That prepares them for their future, no matter what they do in life.” Howell said she loves the feeling of helping her children succeed. “I cannot tell you the thrill, the blessing it is for me – and for any teacher – when you can take a child and take them as far as they can go academically or socially to help these children succeed,” said Howell. “To me, that’s what it’s all about. If we don’t help these children succeed, then we’ve missed the boat.” But this educator has not missed the boat in her 30 years of teaching, and hopes to continue changing lives even after retirement. “I want to do some volunteer work and work with children, still,” said Howell.

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