Gas Station Busted for Synthetic Marijuana

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A McKenzie convenience store has been busted for selling a synthetic drug that has been illegal since July. Following an undercover investigation in September, Carroll County deputies discovered the Raceway gas station on Highway 79 was selling a synthetic drug called 7-H Kush. Thursday night, McKenzie and Carroll County officers confiscated 96 packages of the drug along with paraphernalia and more than $14,000 dollars in cash. One of the store owners, Agayibi Bishai was arrested during the raid. Officials say this is the first drug bust of this kind ever in the county. “We’ve had several reports of health problems. Even in our community here. That’s one thing the sheriff wanted to start this investigation to get these drugs off the street,” said Deputy Joel Pait. Bishai is charged with possession of an illegal substance and is currently free on a $250 bond.

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