McNairy Co. Makes Psuedo Busts

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At least two people were arrested in McNairy County, Friday, as part of a massive push to stop meth making in the area. McNairy County deputies arrested Chad Tull at a home in Michie on charges that he broke the law by buying more pseudoephedrine than legally allowed. During the arrest, investigators say they found an active meth lab, meth making ingredients and several bottles of a suspicious liquid. Tull’s wife, Monica, was also arrested, according to deputies. Both of their names will now be placed in a new national database. “We believe 100 percent that if you’re buying this amount of Sudaphed that at some level you’re involved in the production of methamphetamine,” said McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck. ” Once in the registry that person will no longer be able to commit that crime.” Buck says buying medicine with pseudoephedrine in it will be next to impossible for anyone in the database. He says his investigators know what other avenues meth makers will resort to, like getting friends or family members to make the purchases for them. But he says they shut them down too. He says they are also keeping an eye on individuals who come from out of town to purchase the over-the-counter medicine. “If someone drives from Alabama all the way to McNairy County to buy pseudoephedrine, there’s a reason,” said Buck. “We want to stop that. We want to stop them from know that this is a place to buy pseudoephedrine at all.” Buck says more arrested are expected. He believes their investigation could even stretch down into north Mississippi.

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