Officials Discuss 2011 Murder Rate

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It is a new year, and with that 7 Eyewitness News was able to look back at the crime rate of 2011. Madison County has had five homicides since 2009 and Sheriff David Woolfork said those are five too many. “At least four of those victims died from a gunshot wound,” Woolfork said. “Mrs. Williams, who we found, just her skeletal remains, it was unable to determine exactly how she died.” Woolfork said none of the cases has been solved, but they are close to solving two. The most recent case was back in May, when deputies found Nora Crawley, 39. Her body was found on the edge of Aaron Long Road near a landfill. “We are awaiting some DNA evidence that we think will help to solve her particular case,” Woolfork said. “One of the other homicides that I mentioned we’re also trying to compare some DNA evidence on that one.” Jackson has had 24 homicides since 2009, and 19 of them have been solved. The good news, police said, is that they rarely involve random victims. “It’s either drug-related, or just an abusive domestic violence relationship, or people that just mostly contribute to their victimization,” said Jackson Police Lt. Tyreece Miller. Both Woolfork and Miller agree that murder cases never close until they are solved. “It’s extremely important that the families, although they miss their loved ones, they want some closure,” Woolfork said. “They want to close the book to that chapter and I think the families of these victims deserve answers.” If you have information about any of these homicides, call the Madison County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 423-6000 or the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

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