Trenton Community Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse of Autistic Children

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7 Eyewitness News Team learned more about the Trenton man accused of sexually abusing two young girls with autism. According to Trenton police, 62-year-old Robert Reeves admitted to investigators that he touched the bare bodies of the 8 and 10-year-old girls over the last several months. Cassidy Mayo was Robert Harold Reeves neighbor, and she said since day one, she had never felt comfortable around him. “Well when I was moving in he would come in unannounced and just stand at my door and just watched me unpack me and my kids stuff,” said Mayo. But what really concerned her was the relationship he had with the 2 young autistic girls. She said the girls would stay over there a lot because their parents allowed them to stay the night. Trenton police said the girls and their parent’s once lives in the same apartment complex and the parents developed, what they thought was a trusting relationship with Reeves, but Mayo said she was always suspicious. “He would take them to McDonald’s and take them to get something to eat and let them pick out a toy, it’s like he was bribing them,” continued Mayo. May said to her, Reeves acted like a baby-sitter for the 2 young girls, but she, and other neighbors were never as trusting with their children. “He tried to hug them before and I would just go over there and push them away and just be like come on let’s just go play somewhere else,” said Mayo. Trenton police filed 9 separate charges of aggravated sexual battery against Reeves on Friday night. Police Chief, Will Sanders said he wouldn’t be surprised if there are more victims who eventually come forward.

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