High Prices Move Smokers to Roll their Own Cigarettes

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Local tobacco retailers said a recent hike in the price of cigarettes has move many smokers to start rolling their own cigarettes. “It’s real simple to roll them. It’s easy,” said Lisa Nall of Northside Tobacco in North Jackson. Nall said the company’s distributor passed a six cent increase on each pack of cigarettes to her company, 60 cents she said was added to each carton. “Looks pretty good to me. Save a few dollars, you know,” said customer, Billy Joe Terrell. Nall said the with an initial investment of roughly $60 and a recurring cost of roughly $25, a smoker can roll up to what equates to four cartons of cigarettes. She said it would cost roughly $200 to purchase four cartons of packaged cigarettes. “Well I spend about ….$200 a month on carton(s) of (packaged) cigarettes a month,” said Terrell. Medical officials said the same harmful effects are associated with smoking whether a person chooses to roll their cigarettes are buy them packaged. “It’s going to force me to quit if they don’t watch out. Of course I’ve been saying that every since they were 50 cents a pack,” said Terrell.

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