Tips Lead to Scrap Metal Theft Arrests

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The Crockett County Jail is filling up thanks to the help of the community. “We have made eight arrests in the last week off of tips alone,” said Detective Andrew Whitehead. “People calling in tips on vehicles and us stopping the vehicles to find out who is in the vehicles.” The newest members of the Crockett County Jail are, Garry Posey charged with felony theft and criminal trespassing, James Brooks also faces the same charge as well as Ella May Brooks. All three were arrested after a tip came in Tuesday. “The vehicle was stated to be a red Chevy truck that was riding up and down Highway 88 that had passed her house six or eight times,” said Whitehead. Deputies responded quickly and the car was stopped on Highway 88 less than half a mile from where items from a house were stolen. Items found in the truck included scrap metal. “For us to have eyes in the community like that it helps us out because we can’t be everywhere all the time, ” said Whitehead. The area near Frog Jump has been hit hard by burglars. The sheriff’s department wants more tips. “We are seeing an increase in arrests being made from tips that are coming in and that’s what we want to keep up,” said Chief Deputy Eric Uselton. 25 burglaries have occurred in Crockett County since October. Now the community is fighting back. “Our community is very upset that there is people out here in our neighborhood breaking in homes and taken their items,” said Whitehead.

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