Educator of the Week – Solmon

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Dyersburg High School drama teacher Chris Solmon said her subject gives her students something other classes do not provide. “The fine arts are important because it teaches them creativity,” said Solmon. “It allows them to use their talent, and seek that talent. It allows them to work as a team, and it allows them to build leadership skills.” Team work goes a long way in Solmon’s class where she said there is more than just a front and center role. “My kids are given leadership roles, and they have to take that leadership role and go with it,” said Solmon. That is especially true when preparing for a big production. “Whenever we have a play that’s close, we’re working on construction in the theatre, we’re working on developing the costumes and developing the advertising and the publicity,” said Solmon. This educator said the publicity her plays produce is always positive for the school. “The more we can let the community know what we’re doing, the better we like it,” said Solmon. “It’s also really good for the school system, for everybody to know what’s going on at DHS.” What goes on “on-stage” always makes her smile. “It’s fabulous,” said Solmon. “You’re so proud. It’s like I’m a mama to everybody up there working so hard.”

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