Immigration Questioning Guidlines Rescinded

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Jailers in Tennessee will no longer have to ask inmates immigration-related questions while booking them into their county jails. Friday, the state Post Commission unanimously rescinded the police at the urging of the state attorney. A lawsuit has been filed claiming the commission created the rules via email and in meeting that were not announced to the public, which is against state law. Opponents of the policy promoted racial profiling. Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork is a member of the Post Commission and attended Friday’s meeting. “I made the motion. It was later seconded and it was in fact rescinded,” said Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork. The lawyers behind the suit against the commission said he plans to drop it based on Friday’s decision. However, inmates will still have their immigration status checked, according to the state attorney as part of a federal program that is now active in all 95 counties.

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