Trends In Drug Arrests

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Henry County officials said they have seen an increase in drug related crimes in the past month. They believe there is a common theme among the criminals with drug related charges, the offenses have become a family affair. The Henry County Sheriff’s department executed warrants in six separate searches and have made 10 drug related arrests in just this past week. In the past 5 days, deputies were able to confiscate drugs and thousands of dollars. “At the arrest site we had two meth labs. We’ve quarantined two houses, and we’ve also removed three children from residence,” said Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew. But the increase within the past month is not the only trend officials said they are interested in. They said the involvement of families is becoming a huge theme. In early January, officials arrested Rhonda Gertsch and Joseph Gertsch for their alleged production of meth, forcing the Department of Children Services to remove three children living in the home. In mid-December, officials arrested a mother, daughter, son trio accused of theft and drug related crimes. Officials said if families are not dealing together, criminals tell them they sell drugs to provide for their families. “One common theme is that a lot of the drug dealers were saying it’s due to economic times. They can’t find a job, and they’re selling drugs to make ends meet,” said Belew. Deputies said tough times drive drug related crimes, especially for first-time offenders. “I know times are tough, but when times get tough you have to get out there and find a job. Use some of the community or state’s resources to help you get through these tough times,” said Belew.

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