Former Union Student Finalist in Superbowl Commercial Contest

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A Union University graduate produced a Doritos commercial which was one of five selected out of more than 6000 contestants in a Superbowl commercial contest. “We’re really hoping that this opportunity with this Doritos commercial can lunch not only myself, but my friend’s (careers) so we can do this for a living,” said Jimmy Duke, a graduate of Union University’s class of 1998. The standing has already earned Duke and his film crew a $25,000 prize and a trip to Superbowl 46. The 30-minute commercial is called “Bird of Prey.” Duke said a friend came up with the original concept which features a human who acts like a bird after he eats Doritos and ultimately ends up jumping into a window after his co-workers, from the other side of the window, lure him with a bag of Doritos. “We both thought the idea of a guy acting like a complete idiot at his office, running around acting like a bird, running into people….we thought it was such a stupid idea. It was too funny not to do,” said Duke. He said making the commercial was a great experience. “The shoot process for this commercial was an amazing experience. It was just me and a bunch of my friends getting together and doing this one Saturday afternoon with no budget,” he said. Union University Professor David Burke said he remembers Duke as an energetic, full of life and excellent student. “Many years ago we started a program with an organization in Los Angeles call the LA Film Institute. When that became available he (Duke) knew he had to be one of those guys,” said Professor Burke. He said it was this journey which would lead Duke to Los Angeles where he met his wife and currently lives. Ben Haws and Aaron Rowland are film majors at Union University and said Duke is an inspiration. “There were a lot of things they did to make it not a very simple commercial shoot, but it really added a lot to the visual impact,” said Haws. Haws said he is impressed with Duke’s ability to embrace new technology, something he said was not available at the time Duke attended Union University. “The impact it made was memorable, something that really make me want to buy Doritos,” said Rowland. Both Haws and Rowland said the caliber of work Duke produced makes them proud to be Union University students. After seeing the five commercials which ranked as finalist, an organization decided to pay for the airtime of a second commercial, making Duke’s chances of winning even greater. Duke said online voters will determine the winners. To vote and view the top five commercials go to:

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