Residents Remember MLK at March

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Cities across West Tennessee and the nation paused to celebrate and honor the life and accomplishments of civil rights leader Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior. Monday morning, hundreds gathered in downtown Jackson to march in remembrance of Doctor King. Participants marched to city hall for a special ceremony where a speaker shared his thoughts on Doctor King’s dream for America. Organizers said it is important that the nation continues Doctor King’s work of equality for all Americans. “It’s the idea that a lot of the young folks don’t realize the struggle the we went through, outside of what (Doctor) King went through, a lot of us went through a lot of struggles too, right here in Jackson, Tennessee,” said Frank P. Mann, Jr. a participant in Monday’s march. “I feel as though by us demonstrating this march, it just brings back the remembrance from back in the the past, how they marched for our freedom so to have the right to vote and that nature, said Roderick Brown, another march participant. Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior Day honors the birthday of the civil rights activist, which is actually January 15. It was first celebrated as a national holiday in 1986, 18 years after his assassination.

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