Storms Leave Damage In Kenton

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Crews in Kenton are still cleaning up from a quick moving storm that blew through Tuesday morning. What is believed to be straight line winds are blamed for doing a lot of damage and leaving some people without power. The good news was no one was hurt, and homes only suffered minor damage, but city workers will still have their hands full cleaning up all of the debris. Olie Fain knew there was a storm coming Tuesday morning, but he said he did not expect anything like this. “After the storm, I came outside, saw the damage. It ripped the wires right out of my house and it ripped conduit through the roof, so it was a pretty good gust,” Fain said. The storm may have only lasted a couple of minutes, but it left behind hours worth of work. Both Kenton and the Gibson County Fire Departments responded shortly after 10:30 a.m., but clean-up crews were out hours after the storm blew through, moving trees, and repairing downed power lines. Fire officials told 7 Eyewitness News when they first got out to Sanderson Street, they found a large tree in the middle of the road that almost hit a house. “It’s torn up some meter bases, ripped some wiring out, but nothing that can’t be replaced with a little bit of effort,” said Assistant Chief Scott Reeves of the Kenton Fire Department. Fain’s home only suffered minor damage, but he will have to get his electricity fixed, and replace half the shingles on his roof. “I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to do the roof, but that kind of stuff can go up quick,” he said. Firefighters said it will take about a week to clean up all of the debris.

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