McKenzie Mayor Hosts Town Forum

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There was a first, Friday for the City of McKenzie as the mayor hosted a first-ever town forum. About a dozen people attended the lunch-time discussion with Mayor Jill Holland. She said during the forum, anyone in the city can attend and ask questions or voice their concerns. Friday’s talk focused primarily on future projects, including the possible grants and proposed street improvements. “A lot of people might be intimidated about coming to city hall and speaking at a council meeting and so we’re actually going to them and allowing them the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns about the city that they might have,” said Mayor Jill Holland of McKenzie. “I hope they go away with a good grasp of what the city is doing and that they realized that we will answer their questions and we will address the various concerns that they might have.” Mayor Holland said she hopes to host a town forum such as the one held Friday every quarter and eventually hold them in the city park once the weather improves.

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