Police Chase Carjacking Suspects

This video is no longer available.

A wild chase in Benton County led to woman being carjacked at gunpoint and a postal delivery truck being stolen. Benton County Sheriff Tony King said it started off with just a normal traffic stop on Interstate 40, that led a man and a woman to wreak havoc in his county. Sheriff King said they fled from the Drug Task Force and got off the Interstate at exit 126. They then pulled into an abandoned drive and rammed their white Dodge Durango into a tree, ran through the field and to the next road. Mildred Moore witnessed what happened next, “I saw a woman running from my yard and then there was a man standing out there and I had a friend who was about to come over.” Moore said that is when the man ran in front of her friend’s car, put a gun to her head and took her car, “She told me he said, ‘ma’am I want your car’, and she let him have it.” Moore said they stole her friend’s car and sped off. Brent David Haynes and Lovona Shaele Wells were then accused of driving a few miles to Holladay, where the sheriff said the post office employee became their next victim. The employee had left his truck unlocked and the keys in it. He said he did not even know his truck was missing until someone came in and asked him how he got to work. The truck was spotted by officers, who chased the two back to I-40. Sheriff King said with the help from all the surrounding counties, Tennessee Highway Patrol, and Camden Police, they got them stopped at mile marker 113. Haynes and Wells were charged with theft over $500 and evading arrest.

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