School District Plans To Fill Director Of Ops Position

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The Jackson-Madison County school board announced Thursday it plans to hire a full-time Director of Operations – a job interim superintendent Buddy White held. But does this move mean White gets the superintendent job for good? He told 7 Eyewitness News that is up to the school board. White was the Director of Operations and Financial Planning for three years before he became interim superintendent six months ago. Now someone will fill that position for good. “We have a part-time person who’s been working with that and other people have been filling in, and we want to move on at this point and hire full-time staff,” White said. He emphasized the position is not temporary. The move does not necessarily mean White will permanently replace former superintendent Dr. Nancy Zambito, but he did not rule it out either. “I can’t speak for what the board will do in the future, I can’t do that, but I am the superintendent and I expect to be the superintendent at least until the end of the year, and because of that I think we need to make this change, and the board agreed.” For now, board members said the superintendent search is still on hold, but that could change since there is an election this summer, which includes voting for school board members. “My situation is the same as it was before,” White said. “This simply allows me to make this hire and so that we can have this additional staff person in office to get work better done.” White said they will post the job soon and will take applications as early as Friday. He could not tell 7 Eyewitness News what the new operations director’s salary could be, saying it all depends on the person’s education and experience.

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