West Tennessee Treasures – Bolivar Coffee Club

This video is no longer available.

Tradition is an understatement for the dozen of so members of Bolivar’s “Coffee Club”. “The coffee club has been in existence a long time. Probably 50 years,” said member Joe Dolan. “I’ve been coming to the coffee club, I guess 40 years or better.” 40 years, 5 days per week, and 2 times per day. “We would meet every morning, after you got to work and got everything ready, then take your coffee break and we met,” said Dolan. “And then that afternoon it was the same thing, you know.” “You know you can depend on them to be here twice a day,” said restaurant owner Lisa Hodge. All of that adds up to a lot of coffee, and a lot of conversation. “We talk about politics, things going on in Bolivar, golf, whatever comes up,” said Dolan. “I guess if all the world’s problems could be solved, they’d be solved right there because they talk all the time,” said Hodge. “If one don’t know something the other will know all about it.” It is the comfort of Bolivar’s small-town atmosphere that many members say keeps them together through the years. “Everybody seems to want to help everybody and it’s a good place to live,” said Dolan. I’ve had a great life here and I’m just not through with it – I’m ready for some more!”