West Tennessee Treasures – Bolivar – Danny’s Barber Shop

This video is no longer available.

Danny Cheshier knows a little something about the barber business. “I started out here when I was 19 years old,” said Cheshier. “If I make it to March, it’ll be 54 years that I’m right where I’m at right now.” He has cut up to five generations in some families and his chair has seen all kinds of people. “I had a chief justice who used to come in here and get his hair cut,” said Cheshier. “I had one movie star who used to come in and get a hair cut.” But it is the local, familiar faces of his Bolivar hometown that have kept Cheshier in business for more than half a century. “We got good people, friendly people,” said Cheshier. “If you ever get down, there’s people that will go to bat and help you get back up.” Besides haircuts, one of the things Danny’s Barbershop is also known for, is playing toe-tapping music outside 24 hours a day. “Danny’s Barbershop and places like that are really the root of the community,” said former Bolivar Mayor Bobby Sain. After receiving a state grant to restore Bolivar’s historic downtown, community leaders said part of the restoration process includes having a vision of the future and the past. “I think we’re poised for the future, but I don’t think we’ve lost our roots,” said Sain. “Maintaining the integrity of our buildings and making them look more modern. I think that part of it is really special for Bolivar.” Cheshier said he enjoys seeing all the changes in downtown Bolivar, but most of all, seeing his loyal returning customers.