Educator of the Week – Stricklin

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Northside Elementary School kindergarten teacher Shelly Stricklin said she loves learning from her students while teaching them new things. “I never want to make it where they’re going, ‘Oh not this again!'” said Stricklin. “I want to hand them something that they want to explore and figure out what that is.” Stricklin keeps her young students engaged by keeping them active and keeping the energy up. “You have to have lots of excitement, even if it’s a can of Play-Dough, you need to be excited about it,” said Stricklin. “You need to bring something new in all the time. It doesn’t matter what it is – especially with kindergarten. It can be something as small as an eraser hidden in a bag and they have to figure out what it is.” This educator said preparing children with the knowledge they need is not enough. “You need to give them the love of learning, and the excitement in their heart to always want to go further,” said Stricklin. “You always want – in every grade – for them to want more and experience more and to explore and want to figure out new ways to do things.” Many of her students want to do things just like their kindergarten teacher. “We talk right now, in kindergarten, what we’re going to do next year and what we’re going to do in the future: “What do I want to be when I grow older?” And many of them want to be a teacher and that just touches my heart so much,” said Stricklin. It also touches her heart to teach. “I love my job more than anything,” said Stricklin. “My husband will ask me often: “If you won a million dollars, what would you do?” and I’ll say “I’d keep on teaching, but I’d buy more stuff to go into my classroom. I love my job.”

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