Resident’s Express Religious Freedom Marching From Bolivar To Whiteville

This video is no longer available.

Residents of Bolivar showed their support to a neighboring town in a dramatic way, carrying a 12 ft. cross 9 miles. The citizens of Bolivar said the cross that once towered above Whiteville was a symbol for all Christians. “I believe in the cross and know that’s where we get all of our power through Jesus who dies on the cross for us,” said Eddie Kessler. About 150 people from Bolivar and West Tennessee gathered Saturday morning taking turns walking the 12 ft. cross, 9 miles on Highway 64. “It”s a show of unity, basically, and to show the city of Whiteville and the community and the world that we love Jesus and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep the cross where it should be,” continued Kessler. The cross that the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the town over. Whiteville Mayor James Bellar was supposed to be waiting to receive the cross, but residents said his attorney asked him not to attend. “It’s great to know that other towns here in West Tennessee and all around the country have shown their support and their prayers behind us and that Bolivar chose to display it in such a large way,” said Roger Alston. Alston said the Bolivar cross will be rotated from church to church in Whiteville.

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